PHCC: Peter Haines Compliance Consultancy Limited

Compliance Assessment

AssessmentThe effectiveness of the Compliance function is not only key to protecting any financial institution, but it is essential in maintaining constructive relationships with regulators. With over twenty-five years' experience of regulation and compliance, including fourteen years in a compliance department (nine as head of department), Peter can assess the effectiveness of your Compliance function and recommend a standard model for success. Indeed, Peter was recently Chair of the Working Party which developed British Standard 8453 on the Compliance Framework for Regulated Financial Services Firms. As such, he is well positioned to assess your Compliance Department's effectiveness with regard to that Standard.

Peter has also advised a number of firms on their approach to compliance risk. Regulators expect to see a risk-based approach to compliance and AML. If you have not put together such an approach, Peter can help you with a simple, but effective method.